Sustainable Fashion, Body & Skin Care
Brands Meets & Treat

Sustainable Brands - Zero Waste Event

These activities are our way of making Sustainability a priority and Special for you and your loved ones.
12:00 noon to 8pm on 8th July

On 8th July – 

At Natureville, Sustainability is the key priority in its usage. Through this event on Fashion, Body, and Skin Care brands who curates their ideas into zero waste. On this event you will be able to meet the Brands whose main goal is Sustainability. 

Couple Pass – Free

Pre-booking Mandatory. 

Single Pass – Free

Booking open till 7th morning 12 noon.

8th July 2023


Sustainable fashion, body and skin care and wellness brands with educational workshops on zero waste

(Crafted for the Sustainability Lovers)

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