About Us

About Us

The Roots Of Natureville

Natureville is a dream come true for Mahalakshmi Raghunath and Upasana Bijoor, who both truly believe in the healing powers of nature.
Both founders lived in Gulf countries for over 15 years and returned home, to Bangalore, to create awareness about health and wellness.
Mahalakshmi is a physical fitness enthusiast, and a former model and Upasana Bijoor is a plant-based nutritionist and former flight attendant.

About us

Fitness is her passion and adventure her thrill!  As a child, Mahalakshmi’s fondest memories were waking up early to watch the sunrise and experience the peace and calm in nature before the hustle bustle of city life began. Over the years she, has developed a keen passion for challenging herself to build physical strength in multiple ways. 

She is happiest when she spends a couple of morning hours lifting weights and increasing stamina with intense workouts. Mahalakshmi enjoys mother nature by trekking, hiking, motorbiking and mountain climbing. She says, “With every adventure trip, I am amazed at the simplicity and beauty we are surrounded with, all as a gift in the form of Nature.” 

As her latest passion, she trained to become a DJ and plans to play her tunes at Natureville’s rooftop café, Café Graze.



As a Nutrition coach, I put the power back in Your hands

Upasana started her career as a flight attendant and flew for 14 years with International Airlines.

Like many of us, she fell prey to the contradictory nutritional advice found everywhere. At a young age of 28, she was diagnosed with low grade breast cancer and underwent a lumpectomy surgery.

She felt western medicine was not the answer to her health concerns. Eventually, she found all her answers in food and nutrition. She was able to recover from all her ailments after switching her food choices and lifestyle completely.  She started her studies in plant-based nutrition and realized that food and lifestyle have everything to do with the diseases one gets.

Natureville was born to showcase natural healing.

The Visionary
Upasana Bijoor
Plant-Based Nutritionist and Integrative Health Coach,
Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York

About us
About us

What We Mean By Holistic Wellness

“We look at how nutrition affects our body at a cellular level. Food is converted to nutrients which affect how the cells behave and function. Our body is an advanced machine that does several functions each day to keep us alive and healthy. Nutrition is the raw material our body needs to perform its best, hence food is medicine.”

Relationships, careers, physical activity, and spirituality play a big role in forming our life. Hence in our coaching practice, we take a holistic approach and guide clients in all aspects involved, making the person healthy as a whole. We work with clients to help them discover the root reason they are not feeling healthy in their bodies and create a plan that is simple to implement in their busy lives.

What People Say About Us

We Are Helping Countless People Live Healthier & More Fulfilled Lives.

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