“Yoga is a journey of self, through the self, to the self.”

Bhagavat Gita

Morning Sessions

At Natureville, you will get a tranquil, close-knit space to find serenity and balance in your own skin.

About Nikita

Nikita Solanki has 7+ years of experience teaching yoga to people from all walks of life, trained at various schools of yoga in India. Your practice with her will have you experience a harmonious flow of maneuvers, align your mind, body and breath through controlled movements, breathwork & relaxing stretches. Boost balance, stability & strength, keep your body healthy inside & out through asanas, pranayama’s, kriyas (yogic purification techniques), meditation and much more. In her free time, she enjoys creating nutritious whole foods plant-based recipes & polishing her skills as an acupuncturist.

Tuesdays to Fridays (4 days a week)
Time : 6:00am- 7:00am &
09:30am to 10:30 am
INR 3500/- for a full month from date of joining.

Train with Nikita to get the right kind of guidance and structure to enable you to develop abhyasa in your yoga practice.

Personal One on One

Choose your preferred slot @4200/- 12 sessions monthly

Evening Sessions

About Sneha

Sneha Yogish is a highly trained and certified yoga teacher with experience in both the United States and India. Before becoming a full-time yoga teacher, Sneha worked as a Product Manager in the US, where she discovered the numerous benefits of yoga beyond just physical strength and flexibility. These benefits include a calm mind, an open heart, and an overall sense of ease and pleasure throughout the day. As Sneha learned more about the roots of yoga and the rich wisdom passed down from teacher to student for thousands of years, she knew she had found her true calling. She left her corporate job to pursue a career as a yoga teacher, and has been influenced by many renowned teachers in both the US and India, as well as the teachings of Krishnamacharya. Sneha is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and passion for yoga with others.

Tuesdays to Fridays

Vinyasa Flow  @ INR 3500/-

Time: 5-6 PM

Train with Sneha to develop mindfulness on and off the mat.

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