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Connect With Yourself at Cafe Graze

Our roof top café with a smoothie bar has an inviting vibe where you can connect with yourself or engage in a conversation with the founders/staff to understand about whole, minimally processed plant-based food and its healing properties. 

Whole food plant-based -Nutritionally Balanced, Oil free, Indian meal designed to maximize nutrient absorption leaving you feeling satisfied and content.

Sunday Salad Bar (or)
A La Carte

Café Graze’s Sunday Bar is one of the finest salad bar with full vegan platter. Break the Sunday at natureville 

100% Oil Free | Refined Free | No Sugar

-Roasted pumpkin, beet, baby spinach, walnuts and tofu feta
-Charred Corn Salad
-Pineapple Russian Salad
-Mango and peppers with Thai red chilli
-Melon seed ranch dressing with Cauli + Broccoli
-Asian Sesame Cucumber Salad
-Pesto Sweet potato Pave
-Hummus – Chickpea dip
-Muhammara – Roasted red pepper and walnuts
-Mutabal – Smoked aubergine dip
-Cashew Mayo
-Lemon Tahini Dressing

One Salad Plate
@ 450/- per person

Smoothie Bowls

We at Café Graze want to take you around the world every weekend! 

Each weekend we offer dishes form around the world prepared with fresh and colorful, nutritious plant-based ingredients and minimally to no processed foods.

Sweetened with Bananas, Dates, and Dry Fruits, Cream from Tender Coconut Malai 

Verde ₹250 
Spinach, banana, pineapple, spirulina. Topped with hemp hearts + granola

Amarillo ₹250 
Orange, pineapple, papaya, banana, fresh tender coconut cream. Topped with chia and pomegranate + granola 

Marron ₹270 
In-house peanut butter, banana, dates topped with goji berries + granola 

Morado ₹320 
Blueberry and açai with banana and fresh tender coconut cream. Topped with hemp hearts, pomegranate + granola

Key Lime Pie ₹300
Lemon juice, zest, raisins. fresh coconut malai, dates.
Topped with fresh kiwi, orange + granola

Carrot Cake ₹280
Carrots, cinnamon, banana, fresh tender coconut, ginger,
oats, dates. Topped with walnuts, carrots + granola

Apple Pie ₹220
Apple, almond butter, oats, cinnamon dates. Topped with
fresh apples, cinnamon + granola

Cacao ₹320
Cacao, banana, dates, fresh coconut malai, almond butter.
Topped with cacao nibs, pomegranate + granola 

Healthy and Delicious Vegan Food

The Natureville platter changes every day and it contains a portion of whole grain/millet, colorful raw salad, cooked veggies, beans/legume, and a date walnut bite.

We serve minimally processed plant-based food. We are 100% oil-free, refined grain (no white rice or maida), and refined sugar-free, the VEGAN kitchen! We don’t even use jaggery or coconut sugar, instead use whole plant foods such as dates for sweetness, coconuts, nuts, and seeds for fat, and whole, unrefined grains like brown rice and millets. Our meals do not use any animal products such as dairy or non-veg.

We customize our meals to gluten-free if requested.
Our Platter menu changes every day with a wide variety of dishes from all parts of our country, focusing on seasonal and local ingredients keeping your daily meals exciting!

Eating in this way truly helps to prevent and in most cases reverses chronic lifestyle conditions like diabetes, high BP, PCOD, hormonal imbalances, arthritis, and many more chronic ailments. 

A Taste of Heaven For Your Special Day

We make whole food Plant Based Birthday Cakes. We make them delicious gluten free, oil free, sugar free sweetened with dates and moist with the richness of almond flour. 

Contact us to make an order or cater your events. 

We need 24 hours to prepare your customized whole food plant based celebration cake.

Corporate/Business Weekday lunch

Grab a book from our reading lounge or play games and enjoy some herbal teas, delicious smoothie bowls or a plant-based meal prepared with love. 

Whether you want to work from a peaceful place, enjoy some nourishing ‘me’ time, catch up with friends, or have a romantic meal with your loved one, Café Graze is the right place.

Café Graze offers subscription meals on monthly basis for those who are too busy to cook yet want to stay fit and healthy. Our menu for subscription is a nutritiously balanced, tasty Indian meal which changes on a daily basis.

Spiritual And Physical Activities

There are many benefits to yoga.

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